Halo Infinite: When and where to find the Scorpion Gun

Halo Infinite
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If you're looking to deal some OP damage on Zeta Halo, you'll want to get your hands on the Halo Infinite Scorpion Gun. It pays homage to Halo 2's Scarab Gun easter egg, which could be collected at a certain location and time. The Scorpion Gun can be collected in similar circumstances and comes with infinite ammo, is invisible and fires explosive shells. In short, it's really gonna mess some Grunts up. So, let's take a look at where you can get it. 

(Image credit: 343 Industries)

Where to find the Scorpion Gun in Halo Infinite 

To get the Scorpion Gun, play up until the Outpost Tremonious mission. Do not play beyond it, though, since you can't currently replay story missions

First, clear the base of all enemies then head northeast, towards the edge of the base. Eventually, you'll see a ship with two anti-aircraft cannons on it. The ship is heavily damaged, so don't be looking up at the sky or anything.

Near one of the cannons are the body of a marine and a datapad. Have a read, then jump onto the end of the right barrel of the second cannon. Look down and eventually, the prompt to pick up the gun will appear. It'll be yours for the rest of the game, as long as you don't drop it. When equipped, it will make Chief seem a little rigid when he moves and it's totally invisible, so just aim and fire. You can pick it up any time during and upon completing Outpost Tremonious, just don't go beyond that point.

In terms of multiplayer, the Winter Contingency event begins tomorrow, during which you'll be able to claim lots of festive rewards throughout the holidays.

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