When does Halo 3 on PC unlock in my time zone?

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It's been a joy to see more of the Halo series hit the PC in Halo: The Master Chief Collection throughout 2020, but I think it's fair to say the excitement is reaching its apex with the looming release of Halo 3. This will not only be Halo 3's debut on the PC, but the first time that fans will be able to experience it at higher resolutions and frame rates.

The big MCC update is dropping tomorrow, but when exactly will you be able to fire it up and play Halo 3?

When Halo 3 on PC unlocks in your time zone

Unlike the release of Halo 2 on PC, 343 Industries has decided to launch Halo 3 as the sun is rising on the west coast. You can start playing Halo 3 on Tuesday, July 14 around 10AM PDT/1PM EDT. Here's that time listed with a few other regions:

  • Pacific Daylight Time (US) - 7/14 around 10:00AM
  • Eastern Daylight Time (US) - 7/14 around 1:00PM
  • British Summer Time (UK) - 7/14 around 6:00PM
  • Australian Eastern Standard Time (AUS) - 7/15 at 3:00AM

If you don't see your time zone here, we've got you covered. Head over to this link for a handy time zone converter. Once there, just add your time zone or city and it will automatically convert to the rough time that Halo 3 should launch on PC.

343 launched Halo 2 on PC with the goal of pushing the update during non-peak hours. This way, their servers aren't overstressed by everyone hopping into multiplayer at the same time. These hours reflect a similar strategy, though at a more convenient time frame for the US.

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