Half-Life: Alyx multiplayer mod lets you join a friend as a useless floating robot

A pair of greebly hands
(Image credit: Valve)

An open-source Half-Life: Alyx mod will let you join a friend's VR journey through City 17. Just don't expect do be able to do much more than hang around and watch the fireworks.

As spotted by PCGamesN, alyx-multiplayer is a fairly simple mod that lets you invite a friend into Half-Life: Alyx in a very limited fashion—as the floating faceplate of a Combine scanner, drifting and jittering around Alyx as a kind of robot buddy. 

Since the mod only tracks head position and rotation, you can't exactly do much but float about as an extra pair of eyes. Physics interactions and game states aren't shared between players. It's rudimentary, but the modding community is nothing if not resourceful—after all, efforts to remove the VR from the VR-exclusive title have already come a long way since the game's release. 

Alyx-multiplayer is free to download over on its official site, with full instructions for getting you and a friend set up for kinda-sorta-cooperative adventures. For a more ambitious twist on Alyx, Return to Rapture turns the VR Half-Life entry into a shockingly good Bioshock mashup.

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