Half-Life 2 and Dishonored art whiz Viktor Antonov joins Darewise

As art director and conceptual artist for Half-Life 2, and as visual design director for Dishonored, Viktor Antonov was responsible for the art direction of two of the best cities in games: City 17, and Dunwall. You can bet I'm interested in his career comings and goings, then, and it's just been announced that he's joined a relatively new studio named Darewise Entertainment.

Darewise's debut title is Rokh, a multiplayer survival game set on Mars, and in his role as chief creative officer, Antonov will primarily put his stamp on the various vehicles, drones, robots and weapons found in the game.

Rokh made a good impression when it was revealed a few months ago. It's basically The Martian, only crueller, because you're not as smart and capable as Matt Damon. It's coming to Early Access sometime this September, and this is what it looks like:

(Ta, PCGamesN.)

Tom Sykes

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