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Hacknet to get new 'Labyrinths' expansion later this year

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If the tedious hacking mini-games in Deus Ex: Mankind Divided have left you in want of a proper hacking game (or, like me, just plain angry), then everybody's favourite 2015 hacking sim Hacknet is getting an expansion later this year. Dubbed Hacknet Labyrinths, publisher Surprise Attack claims it adds around four hours of new material to the game.

According to the release, the new chapter is played as part of a fictional hacking group called Kaguya – so you won't be lone wolfing it like in the main game. As part of Kaguya you'll be carrying out "a series of perilous data heists" in order to secure "powerful new tools and programs".

"The expansion features a whole new network to explore and puts new tools at the player’s disposal, including the Memory Analyzer, capable of performing memory forensics on RAM on any server in the game," the announcement reads. 

Here's the full list of features:

  • Major expansion to the critically lauded and 200,000+ sales success, Hacknet
  • A thrilling new 3-4 hour chapter set within Hacknet’s main story arc
  • Join a team and work together to complete daring and perilous data heists
  • New, more powerful hacking tools and programs. Eg. Memory Analyzer
  • IRC style chat tool to communicate with your team
  • More complex missions that require you to explore and navigate groups of servers rather than kick down doors
  • Seeds new secrets throughout the original
  • Killer new soundtrack featuring Remi and synth superstar OGRE

Hacknet Labyrinths set you back $4.99 when it releases at some unspecified time later in the year. Check out two additional new screenshots below.

Shaun Prescott
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