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Hack-and-slash MMO Guardians of Ember returns in open beta

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The hack-and-slash MMO Guardians of Ember, which was delisted from Steam more than a year ago for review score shenanigans, is now back in action (but not on Steam) in open beta.   

Guardians of Ember is now under the control of publisher Gameforge, which acquired the game from Insel following its delisting last year. Numerous updates to gameplay, missions, and character customization options have been made since then, and localization and language support have also been expanded. Players can choose from four races and six unique classes, and will face "brutal" combat in more than 60 randomized dungeons spread across 58 regions. 

"We saw a considerable number of players joining Guardians of Ember from several countries when we announced the new local servers, and so we have put a lot of effort in making the game available in their native languages so that they can enjoy the same immersive experience as other players do in their own language,” Gameforge CEO Alexander Rösner said. 

"Guardians of Ember has been available in English, Spanish, and German throughout the Closed Beta. Starting today, the game will also be available in French, Italian, Turkish, and Polish." 

Players who registered for Guardians of Ember's closed beta phases will be granted an exclusive in-game title, while the Veterans Reward program will award "many valuable items" to those who purchased the game in its original form. More information about Guardians of Ember, and a signup link if you'd like to try the open beta, are up at

Guardians of Ember was delisted from Steam in early 2018 when employees of Insel Games were effectively ordered by the company CEO to purchase the game and then post positive reviews.

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