H1Z1 developers streaming design meetings, gameplay for 12 hours today

I applaud Sony Online Entertainment's transparency lately. The MMO developer and publisher has been extremely forthcoming with new details on H1Z1 , its in-development zombie apocalypse MMO. CEO John Smedley has addressed lots of community questions on the game's subreddit, and we're bound to learn a lot of info from the 12 hours of livestream that the development team is doing today.

The stream, which started at 9 a.m. Pacific today at the H1Z1 Twitch channel , is both a community event and an inside look at the ongoing design process for H1Z1. The team plans to answer viewer questions, take cameras inside design meetings, show off new gameplay footage, and even let fans who live near the studio's San Diego offices meet the team and play an early build of the game.

If you're interested, you can watch the livestream in progress right now. We're pretty excited about what SOE's revealed so far . Here's hoping for lots of new game info, and that more developers will take notice of how pulling back the veil on an in-development game can get its potential players even more excited.