Guild Wars 2 trailer teases end of Living World Season 2

Guild Wars 2
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Cast aside your festive doylaks: dragon stuff is about to happen. Next Tuesday, Guild Wars 2 will receive the eighth—and last—episode of the Living World: Season 2. Point of No Return launches on 13 January, and in preparation ArenaNet have released this here trailer.

As is the way of things, the first minute or so is footage of previously released episodes. The actual contents of episode eight are, as yet, unknown. The big, roaring plant dragon at the end is probably a good hint, however.

Here's the way of things as they stand: Caithe has Glint's dragon egg, the Pact are preparing an assault on Mordremoth, and the player has discovered a big ol' ominous tomb. To summarise, things are pretty lore up ins.

To speculate: the dragon seen at the end of the video looks a lot like Shadow of the Dragon, who was last seen bothering the Pale Tree at the end of episode four. There's every chance he's a boss at the end of the story—it seems a bit soon to face Mordremoth himself. That said, I do somewhat hope that he's planned as another World Boss. We've not had a new one of them since Season One's Triple Wurm and Twisted Marionette fights.

ArenaNet will be revealing what comes after Season 2 later this month at PAX South. A presentation, titled Beyond The Point of No Return (opens in new tab), is scheduled to take place on 24 January.

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