ArenaNet repairs Guild Wars 2 Trading Post, tussles with ongoing grouping problems

Guild Wars 2 offers very soothing background colors while crafting leather boots, but trying to turn a profit on those boots hasn't been quite as pleasant. Accessing the Trading Post has frequently met with a jarring shuttered window, deflating the dreams of aspiring cobblers. Lucky for us, ArenaNet has trumpeted to the rescue with a Trading Post functionality fix included in its status update digest yesterday. Heroes of the Tarnished Coast server, prepare to browse 20 pages of my boots and love every second of it . (Read: I need money.)

ArenaNet's next task is swatting down troublesome grouping woes. The over-stuffing of players in popular zones sends excess players into separate, overflow queues - essentially, a waiting-room replica of the zone with quests, NPCs, and everything else in place for unfettered gameplay. As a result, linking with friends between overflow, regular, and instanced areas turns into a chore.

"We've made progress but still have capacity constraints causing issues with party and guild functionality, including symptoms such as party members not appearing on the map, parties not staying together as they travel between maps or into dungeons, and guild manipulation not working," ArenaNet said. "We're working on a fix and will provide a further update soon."

Omri Petitte

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