Guild Wars 2 to get second Feature Pack update, is currently 50% off

Back in April, Guild Wars 2 had a break from its regular content releases, and instead received a bumper bundle of features. Now, ArenaNet have announced that they're doing it again, only this time it will launch in September. Naturally, they're calling it the September Feature Pack .

In a completely unrelated announcement, the game is also 50% off until 28 August .

The contents of the Feature Pack are still a mystery, with ArenaNet teasing its changes over the coming weeks. This week, it's all about the competitive element, "from new tools for coordinating your tactics to new rewards for your valor". The GW2 blog's cryptic teaser titles suggest that classes could also receive a balance overhaul—a much needed change for a game that increasingly attempts to support its competitive side.

It has been revealed that players will get the option to standardise enemy models in PvP—making attack animations easier to read regardless of their opponent's race. In addition, new armour rewards are planned, giving PvP players a specific set to work towards .

On the subject of competition, a new tournament has been announced. The Guild Wars 2 World Tournament Series is, ArenaNet explain, "an international competitive PvP circuit that will provide three opportunities for top teams from North America, Europe, and China to traverse the globe and fight for their share of a $50,000 USD prize pool at each event."

It's an interesting move. I've never been convinced by GW2 as a hardcore PvP game, let alone an e-sport. Again, it's down to the balance—and the way that certain classes and loadouts seemingly have a clear advantage. We'll have to see if the planned changes can sufficiently shake up the meta-game.

Outside of the competitive angle, the Feature Pack will focus on "improving the Guild Wars 2 experience for new and veteran players", and "rethinking the way you collect and trade items". The specifics of these plans will be revealed over the next few weeks.

The September Feature Patch will launch 9 September.

Phil Savage

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