Guild Wars 2's Mad King Thorn makes a big halloween entrance by exploding out of a lion

The dramatic entrance is an art that only the most fearsome villains have truly mastered. Mad King Thorn has chosen to invade Guild Wars 2 by jumping out of a crumbling lion, thoroughly outdoing himself in the process. The one-time event kicked off the start of Act 3 of the spectacular Guild Wars 2 halloween event that has so far granted players access to a spooky halloween realm featuring a huge jumping puzzle set around a crumbling clock tower. the Mad King's appearance also left a big hole in the middle of Lion's Arch, which serves as a portal to a boss instance where players can take on ol' pumpkin face himself.

The dramatic, one-off emergence of the Mad King in Lion's Arch (now sans lion), was filmed by MMORPG for posterity, and another player has recorded themselves mastering the clock tower jumping puzzle. Watch both videos below.

Tom Senior

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