Guild Wars 2 Lost Shores event washes up November 16

It looks like Ferocious Ness finally talked . ArenaNet updated its website for Guild Wars 2's impending Lost Shores update with a timing schedule for the mysterious one-time, log-on-or-you'll-miss-it event "changing Tyria forever." Did Rush finally consent to a concert at Divinity's Reach? Probably not, since we're fairly sure anything of importance involves the ghastly purple karka pictured above.

ArenaNet's continued pledge for regular content updates beyond mad, lion-ploding pumpkin kings powers Lost Shores' considerable additions for Tyrian heroes, including a new zone, dungeon, PVP map, gear, dynamic events, and crafting resources. The only missing element is a "Release the karka!" from a bearded Liam Neeson wearing a CGI coat of jewels. On his beard.

The event's first stage ascends from the briny depths at 12:00pm PST/3:00pm EST/20:00 GMT on November 16 and continues with the following milestones, which reads like a to-do list for Marlin Perkins:

  • November 16, 12:00pm PST/3:00pm EST/20:00 GMT: Defend Lion's Arch
  • November 17, 12:00pm PST/3:00pm EST/20:00 GMT: Retake Lion's Arch, discover new island zone Southsun Cove
  • November 18, 12:00pm PST/3:00pm EST/20:00 GMT: Defeat the Ancient Karka at Southsun Cove

Guild Wars 2's official wiki features a prep guide with more info leading up to Lost Shores' launch.

Omri Petitte

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