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Guild Wars 2 teases The Lost Shores event, which will "change Tyria forever"

"Something stirs in the Sea of Sorrows" begins a cryptic message on the Guild Wars 2 website , teasing a major world event hitting the land of Tyria this November. Along with a nice bit of concept art and some images of a tropical beach, the page hints at a "mystery of monstrous proportions" in a "massive one-time world event that will change Tyria forever!" Neglecting to reveal what said event will entail, we can only assume that it involves a giant sea creature, like Jaws or one of the Family Ness .

If it's anything like the recent Halloween event , The Lost Shores is sure to be something pretty special. That involved an entire spooky realm to explore, with a memorable boss in the form of the pumpkin-headed Mad King Thorn. Given the theme of November - moustaches, apparently - we're hoping for a giant, evil, robotic Tom Selleck. We will do whatever it takes to make that happen.

Whatever the case, remember that this will be a one-time event, so if you miss out, you'll miss out forever . We'll know more about The Lost Shores when we've beaten it out of Ferocious Ness, but in the meantime, it's probably worth sharpening your harpoons.