Guild Wars 2 beta reopening next week for four hour stress test

Guild Wars 2 Red Team

ArenaNet have announced a four hour stress test of Guild Wars 2, running from 7pm to 11pm CEST (6pm-10pm BST/1pm-5pm EDT) on Wednesday 27th of June. If you've previously taken part in one of the game's beta weekends, then all you'll need to do is update the client and log in.

It's a good chance to snatch a few more hours of time with the game while we wait for the next proper beta session. Of course, that's not the point - the point is to help ArenaNet get their ducks in a row in advance of the game's release. Of course, if Guild Wars 2 relies on tidily arranged ducks to function properly then they've probably got bigger problems.

Earlier in the week, Guild Wars 2 designer Colin Johanson wrote about the role of regular testing in the development of the game - so be good beta testers, and go break their servers. Be sure to fill in those 'rating out of five' quest surveys while you're at it.

Chris Thursten

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