Guardians of the Galaxy is somehow now 80GB instead of 150GB

Guardians of the Galaxy
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Update: Eidos Montreal has adjusted the requirement and now says Guardians of the Galaxy will require 80GB of drive space, not 150GB as originally indicated. Exactly how it was able to crunch the requirement so dramatically isn't clear, but the studio said on Twitter that it is now "in the last stages of optimizing the final game," and apparently it's going pretty well.

Original story:

Eidos Montreal has mercifully squashed the file size for Guardians of the Galaxy.The system requirements for the game landed on Steam a few days ago. It was mostly unremarkable stuff, but the one thing that did catch people's attention was that it was going to take up a ridiculous 150GB of storage.

That's a decent chunk of hard drive space to dedicate to one game, and large file sizes have those with potato internet (like me) crying in the corner. Thankfully, it looks like it won't be quite so chunky after all. A tweet from the Guardians of the Galaxy account read "we wanted to give you an update on the final size of the PC version of the game, which will not be 150GB. The team is in the last stages of optimizing the final game and we can confirm the file size will be approximately 80GB at launch."

80GB is a far more digestible size for both my already suffering storage and woefully poor internet: It's unclear if the Steam requirements were wrong from the get-go or if Eidos Montreal was stung into action by the response, but the slimmer file size is appreciated nonetheless.

Guardians of the Galaxy launches on October 26, promising a singleplayer experience with no DLC or microtransactions.

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