How many chapters are there in Guardians of the Galaxy?

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If you're interested in knowing how many chapters there are in Guardians of the Galaxy, you're in the right place. Early finishers put the game at about 17-20 hours long, depending on how much time you spend hoovering up collectibles like the many and various Guardians of the Galaxy outfits. Still, knowing the number of stages can give you an idea how far you are towards the credits.

Of course, chances are you'll be spending less time with Guardians than Square Enix's previous superhero game, Marvel's Avengers, since it has no multiplayer or live service element. Unless you've got achievements to tick off in New Game Plus, when you roll the credits, you're all done. Well, almost. Anyway, here's a Guardians of the Galaxy chapters list to help you keep track of your adventure.

Guardians of the Galaxy: How many chapters?

There are 16 chapters in Guardians of the Galaxy, as well as a prologue. If you're really sensitive to spoilers, I recommend you don't scroll down too far past your place in the following mission list. With that in mind, here they are:

  • Prologue
  • Chapter 1: A Risky Gamble
  • Chapter 2: Busted
  • Chapter 3: The Cost of Freedom
  • Chapter 4: The Monster Queen
  • Chapter 5: Due or Die
  • Chapter 6: Between a Rock and a Hard Place
  • Chapter 7: Canine Confusion
  • Chapter 8: The Matriarch
  • Chapter 9: Desperate Times
  • Chapter 10: Test of Faith
  • Chapter 11: Mind Over Matter
  • Chapter 12: Knowhere To Run
  • Chapter 13: Against All Odds
  • Chapter 14: Into The Fire
  • Chapter 15: Broken Promises
  • Chapter 16: Magus

If you're using this list to work out how long you have left in the game, note that, as the enemy count and challenge increases in the final levels, you may find yourself spending longer in the late-game than you did early on. That said, reports don't seem to be varying too much beyond the 15-20 hour range. And while you may think that you've finished once you get to the credits after 15 chapters, know there's one more to come after that.

Speaking of Guardians, if you're wondering whether you should sell Groot or Rocket in one of these missions, hit that link to help you make the choice. Or if you haven't taken the plunge yet, let our Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy review help you decide.

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