GTA Online's latest update pays you up to 1.35 million GTA$ just for logging in

If you log in to GTA Online this week you will get 750,000 in-game bucks, just for being you. For each subsequent day you log in you'll earn a further $100k through to November 26. In total you can make $1.35 million, to be delivered to your Maze account by December 3.

Congratulations. Now you need to spend that hard-earned cash. The Overflod Entity XXR, Vapid GB200, Nagasaki Shotaro, select planes, and some properties are all on sale. The Shotaro is a particularly swish Tron-inspired motorcycle with great acceleration and turning speed. Here's the full list of discounts.

Progen Itali GTB 35 percent off
Truffade Nero 35 percent off
Dewbauchee Rapid GT Classic 35 percent off
Dewbauchee Vagner 35 percent off
Overflod Entity XXR 35 percent off
Vapid GB200 35 percent off
Declasse Hotring Sabre 35 percent off
Nagasaki Shotaro 40 percent off

If you don't have a Dewbauchee Vagner yet, you should probably pick one up. In multiple tests it proved to be the fastest car in GTA Online. The Progen Itali GTB is also strong in top speed terms according to our GTA expert. 

The Thanksgiving celebrations continue in Sumo (Remix), Running Back (Remix), Biker Work and Challenges, and Biker Sell missions, which will yield double GTA$ and RP until Monday. For more, check out the GTA Online site.

Tom Senior

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