GTA Online's latest Red Dead Redemption 2 trial nets players $250k of in-game cash

Earlier this week, GTA Online dataminers uncovered a second Red Dead Redemption 2-themed weapon (opens in new tab). Now, Rockstar has made it official: the Stone Hatchet is the crime sim's latest RDR2-themed challenge. 

Handed down by Blaine County's Maude Eccles via text, players are tasked with tracking down a number of bounties across San Andreas—collect 'em dead or alive—before unlocking the Stone Hatchet itself. Completing a series of kill streak-like executions from there nets you a nice wee $250K bonus. 

"Complete the Kills Challenge for a GTA$250,000 bonus," says Rockstar (opens in new tab), "and to unlock it in Red Dead Redemption 2 on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One." Which makes for a pretty cool crossover. Perhaps that last part will one day include us desktoppers (opens in new tab) too. 

Plucked from our previous story (opens in new tab), here's The Game File Gurus unearthing the new axe: 

Rockstar reminds players that similar rewards are still up for grabs for those yet to tackle last year's Red Dead revolver challenge (opens in new tab). Money aside, that is one neat-looking gun.