Where to get the new weapons in GTA: The Contract

GTA Online: The Contract weapons
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There are three new GTA Online weapons, and you may be wondering how to get your hands on them. If you've been saving in preparation to pick up one—or more—of the new cars, it's even more important to figure out how much money you'll need so you don't leave yourself short.

You'll also need to purchase one of the new agency properties. And as these run upwards of the $2 million mark, you're in for a pretty big spending spree before you can get your hands on at least two of the three new weapons. So before you dash off to check your virtual bank balance, here are the new GTA: The Contract weapons and where to get them.

GTA Online The Contract weapons: How to get them 

The biggest hurdle to snagging these new weapons is the requirement for you to own at least one of the agency property types and fork out the cash for the armory modification. Luckily, this stipulation only applies to two of the weapons, but it's going to set you back quite a bit of your hard-earned cash if you want to get all three.

Here are the new GTA: The Contract weapons and their prices:

  • Stun Gun: $326,250
  • Compact EMP Launcher: $456,750
  • Heavy Rifle: $414,000

So how do you get the Stun Gun and the EMP Launcher in GTA 5 Online? Both non-lethal weapons are available from your agency's armory once you've unlocked it. The Heavy Rifle, on the other hand, can be bought normally from Ammu Nation or the armory at a discounted price.


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