GTA Online rolls out Southern San Andreas Super Sports Series with new vehicles, races, Adversary Modes

After its somewhat lacklustre Occupy and Bunker series one-two punch last week, GTA Online has unveiled the Southern San Andreas Sports Series. Set to run for the next several weeks, the first of a staggered string of rollouts introduces five cars and a new racing mode. 

From front to back, The Hotring Circuit apes Vice City's stock car racing side-mission of the same name and combines it with GTA:O's Cunning Stunts update. Designed with the new Hotring Sabre in mind, the 30-player-supporting Hotring Circuit grants racers double GTA$ and RP now through March 26. 

Elsewhere, Legendary Motorsport now stocks the Overflod Entity XXR and Cheval Taipan supercars, and the Vulcar Fagaloa station wagon and "rally-inspired" Vapid GB200. Given the focus of the Super Sports Series, the supercars are probably the pick of that bunch—both of which boast top tier traction, acceleration, and speed at the expense of brake power. The XXR costs $2,305,000, while the Taipan comes in at $1,980,000. I'm not convinced either trump our fastest cars in GTA Online entrants, but let us know if you've taken them for a spin yourself. 

Down the line, Rockstar plans to release a number of racing and Adversary Modes. On April 2, Target Assault pits eight teams of two players against one another—whereby Gunners and Drivers combine to "outmaneuver" the competition. I suspect said outmaneuvering will involve explosions. Look, see:

On May 1, ten new Special Vehicle Races land (and fly) with the Doomsday Heist's Deluxo, Stromberg and Thruster in tow. And on May 29, seven new Transform Races "featuring a slew of new and classic race vehicles across a fresh batch of challenging courses" enter the fold.

Here's Rockstar on GTA:O's other incoming rides, Adversary Modes, and Creator suite tweaks: 

For players who want to take their competition off the race track and into more combative territory, get ready for two new Adversary Modes, along with rotating double cash opportunities and discounts around some of our favorite modes, work, vehicles and more. And throughout the weeks and months ahead, look for new offerings from Pegassi, Overflod, Lampadati and more as a host of new vehicles hit the showrooms of Los Santos. 

We're also adding a heap of new tools and updates for the Creator coming later this Spring, including more weather options, custom team names and Warp Checkpoints for Transform Races, as well as a number of other highly-requested features.

More on all of that, plus details on GTA Online's latest garage, penthouse and vehicle upgrade discounts can be found in this direction. If serial leaker FoxySnaps is to be believed, future vehicle offerings will include the Seasparrow helicopter and the ISS3 mini.

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