All GTA Online Ghosts Exposed locations

GTA Online ghosts exposed
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Ghosts Exposed is one of the Halloween events happening this year in GTA Online. As is traditional during the spooky season, it's time to dive back into Los Santos to earn some suitably ghoulish goodies. This time around, you'll be hunting down ghosts, and taking photos to send as proof so you can reap the rewards—basically you get a bunch of GTA$ and RP for your trouble.

You'll receive an email when you log in to the game, asking for submissions of paranormal content, and there are ten ghosts to find in total. So with that in mind, here are the GTA Online Ghosts Exposed locations.

GTA Online Ghosts Exposed locations 

The ten ghosts appear at set times every day, between 8pm and 6am in-game time, in set locations—though be aware they can move around in a fairly small radius, so you might need to look inside or behind a building if they're not readily apparent. Don't worry if you miss one as you can take a snap of it the next day. 

It's also worth noting that the tenth ghost will only appear once you've collected the other nine, and as it shows up in the middle of the night/early morning, you may need to wait until the following night to finish up.

You'll get $20,000 and 500 RP for each photo you send in, with a bonus of $50,000 and the Ghosts Exposed livery for the Albany Brigham if you collect all ten.

That said, with the map above as a reference, here are each of the GTA Online Ghost locations:

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  1. 8 pm to 9 pm: Look for the barn and you'll find the ghost at the opening on the upper floor.
  2. 9 pm to 10pm: Find this ghost in the window of the white trailer home.
  3. 10 pm to 11 pm: Look for the ghost standing near the abandoned bus.
  4. 11 pm to 12 am: This one is standing outside the lighthouse. If you can find them there, look on top.
  5. 1 am to 2 am: You'll find this ghost standing on top of the porch of a house.
  6. 2 am to 3 am: Find this one in the graveyard, though it can also show up on top of the church.
  7. 3 am to 4 am: Inside the roof of a house or by a window on the ground floor.
  8. 4 am to 5 am: This ghost is standing at the top of a waterfall.
  9. 5 am to 6 am: Find this one standing on top of the mouth of a train tunnel or it could be on the bridge.
  10. 12 am to 1 am (after you've found the first nine ghosts): Standing in front of the Sandy Shores sign at the crossroads.

As soon as you take the photo of the tenth ghost, you'll get another email telling you the Ghosts Exposed quest is complete and you'll automatically get the rewards added to your bank and inventory. See you again next year?

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