GTA Online gets two new cars, half price Fort Zancudo hangar, double GTA$ on Special Cargo Sales

GTA Online rolled out its Southern San Andreas Super Sports Series last week with new vehicles, a Vice City-inspired Hotring Circuit and the promise of new stuff from now till the end of May. The first of that takes the form of the Pegassi Tezeract and the Vapid Ellie. 

As outlined in the header image above, the Tezeract is a looker—assuming you can afford its not-exactly-modest $2,825,000 price tag. For that you'll get top tier speed and maxxed out traction, granted, but having just applied turbo to my trusty Grotti Turismo—aka my pride and joy—I'm not sure I can personally vouch for that cost. To those of you who've taken it for a spin already: feel free to prove me wrong in the comments below. Here's the Tezeract's stats:

Those of you familiar with the Nic Cage-starring Gone in 60 Seconds remake, on the other hand, will recognise the Vapid Ellie as a fictional spin on the real world's Shelby GT500 1967 Ford Mustang—known in the film as Eleanor. "This old dog has torn the limbs off braver hipsters than you," warns the car's description, which will set you back $565,000 for the pleasure. Here's its stats:

Elsewhere, this week's update offers double GTA$ for Special Cargo Sales, with the same gratitude extended to Bodyguards and Associates' salaries.

Discounts span business centres, special cargo warehouses, yachts, choppers, and, the best of the bunch, the Fort Zancudo Hangar A2. It's going for $1,625,000 with 50 percent off. 

Of the three hangars situated at Fort Zancudo it's the biggest and probably the best. It'll also net you low-level access clearance to the base, which means you can nab Hydra fighter jets much easier than without.  

Head to the Rockstar Newswire for more on all of the above. For tips on how to earn quick cash in GTA Online, check out our comprehensive moneymaking guide.   

Here's the Tezeract in motion:

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