GTA Online gets 7 new Italian Job-style races with double money and experience

GTA Online's latest weekly update adds seven new Issi-sporting, Italian Job-style races. In no particular order, the Repeater, The Issi Job, the Goal, the Sidewinder, the Turbine Trouble the City Jumper, and the Paleto Palace races all offer double RP and GTA$ and are described by Rockstar as such:

The Southern San Andreas racing circuit has been hijacked by Britain's fiercest export since Hugh Harrison—the Weeny Issi Classic. Pilot the pint-sized star of The Vespucci Job against 29 other battle-scarred racers across seven all new tracks designed to put your compact automotive skills to the ultimate test.

After its recent double RP and GTA$ showing, GTA Online's Prison Break heist offers similar spoils this week. Likewise, its Humane Labs Raid and the Doomsday Heist Act 2's The Bogdan Problem finale get the same treatment—the latter of which will net you $2,375,000 all told. Which is a good return for not too much effort.  

I was a wee bit hard on poor Simeone last week, but I stand by what I said: his Contact missions are guff. Lamar's, on the other hand, are a bit more sophisticated, a bit more fun, and are this week's boon. Funeral Party launched with GTA Online— it's a good laugh, and is one job I'm particularly looking forward to trying again.

Similar to last week's discounted properties, Facilities are going for 40 percent less their normal cost; while Hangars and Executive Offices have 50 percent off. You'll need the former to take on the aforementioned Bogdan Problem—whose returns you might spend on any one of the vehicles listed here

I reckon the best shout there is The Avenger, but the Valkyrie chopper is an equally worthy investment. At 30 percent off, they come in at $3,351,250 and $2,653,350 respectively. If you fall short, here's how to make money in GTA Online

Oh, and mind look out for your World Cup-inspired bonus. It should be in your Maze Bank account by now.