GTA Online drops details and screens for incoming Gunrunning update

When GTA Online's shopkeepers mysteriously abandoned their stores en masse earlier this month, Rockstar failed to explain why. Perhaps they wanted better conditions, or at the very least less holdups. Maybe they were selling dodgy guns, in preparation for the city-spread sandbox's next Gunrunning update—who knows.

In any event, Gunrunning is due next month and will bring an illegal arms trade to Los Santos, specifically in the southern part of San Andreas. Players will get the chance buy underground bases below Blaine County which can be viewed via the Maze Bank Foreclosure website.   

Rockstar says we should stay tuned for more on the "specific business and research opportunities" the Gunrunning update will pose. Here's the official word from them: 

"Dotted throughout Blaine County are hatches - look into these mysterious properties on the Maze Bank Foreclosure site and you’ll find sprawling underground headquarters for sale, ready to be stocked with new military grade vehicles and weapons manufacturing equipment capable of developing highly sought after offensive and defensive technologies. 

"As the residents of Los Santos know, the only thing more fun than crime is profit and should you choose to invest in this new business, some extremely shady customers are ready to pay top dollar for what you can deliver." 

Further to that, expect new weapon upgrades and weaponised vehicles when the Gunrunning update lands next month. Here's a smattering of screens till then.