GTA Online Dispatch Services missions let you 'infiltrate holding cells'

Martin Madrazo, aka GTA Online's most entertaining contact mission-giver, brings his eponymous 'Dispatch Services' to the open world crime sim this week. Likewise, two new cars enter the fold, as do a typical wave of vehicle and property discounts. 

In short two to four-person bouts, Dispatch Services missions let players carry out hits for the cartel leader across the city. "Infiltrate LSPD holding cells or launch an assault on Merryweather HQ as you seek to silence a few names on Madrazo's hit list," says the latest Newswire post (opens in new tab) of the limited-time double experience and GTA$-boasting assignments. 

I jumped in earlier with a random player, where we assassinated 30 or so baddies on a Vinewood Hills estate. We were in and out in five minutes and were rewarded $20,000 and 4050 RP each for our troubles.  

Elsewhere, this week's update brings both the Lampadati Michelli GT classic sports car, and the RUNE Cheburek sedan. More information on those can be gleaned from their dedicated (opens in new tab) wiki pages, but know that they'll set you back $1,225,000 and $145,000 respectively. 

For me, the pick of this week's vehicle discounts is the Pegassi Tezeract at 25 percent less its recommended value. Otherwise $2,825,000, it's on sale for $2,118,750 and is my own favourite ride at the moment. I'd consult Adam's fastest cars in GTA Online (opens in new tab) list for a more comprehensive overview, though, and I'd also check out his money making guide (opens in new tab) while you're at it. Bear the latter guide in mind when considering taking the plunge on a half-price Hangar—the highlight of this week's building discounts. Check out the full sale this-a-way (opens in new tab)

Lastly, Smugglers and Gunrunning Sell Missions are subject to double RP and GTA$ this week (bunker research teams also have 2x speed boosts)—as are Motor Wars and Trap Door for another week. Despite its flaws, I've warmed to the latter (opens in new tab).