GTA Online's battle royale mode Motor Wars gets double GTA$ and experience

Following some unforeseen server downtime this week, it appears GTA Online is now fully functional. Rockstar has in turn rolled out its weekly update a day later than planned, which grants Motor Wars, VIP and Biker work double in-game money and RP. Likewise, last week's new Trap Door adversary mode is, for the second week running, extended the same bonus. 

As you might've gleaned from my choice of headline, I reckon Motor Wars is the highlight of this week's offering. Launched in August last year, it's GTA Online's spin on the ever-popular battle royale craze. With smaller maps and a focus on weaponised vehicles, though, it's distinctly different to the likes of PUBG and Fortnite BR. 

There's no forced stealth, for example, no scavenging and no long distance pilgrimaging. You land with a gun, and your omnipresent map is littered with colour-coded blips that identify vehicles, combatants and weapons at all times; the latter of which come with a full complement of ammo. It's streamlined, fast and fun—assuming there are people available to play with. This has been an issue for me in recent weeks but with double RP and GTA$ up for grabs, this week should be busier than normal.

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On the sales front, my pick of the discounts listed on Rockstar's Newswire is the Buzzard Attack Chopper. It's going for 30 percent less its recommended price ($1,750,000), now selling for $1,225,000. The Buzzard was the first weaponised vehicle I purchased in GTA Online, and while pretty flimsy in the sky, it helped me through countless special cargo missions. 

After a week of dipping in and out of the new Trap Door Adversary Mode, I realise I was a wee bit harsh on its shortcomings. I still reckon it requires tuning, but was also able to overcome most of what I found frustrating—being, as I saw it, unfairly stranded in the Red Zone, mostly—with me taking less risks. 

If the timer was on its last stretch, for example, I'd hide out without returning fire. I'd make a beeline for the sniper rifle from the outset, and I'd only close in on enemies (and thus increase my chances of getting sniped myself) in the immediate wake of the map shrinking. 

I probably shouldn't need to consider all of that in such a fast-paced special mode, but those points are nevertheless worth bearing in mind if you're hitting Trap Door up this week.      

More information on all of that can be found on Rockstar's Newswire. Before you go, here's our guide on how to make money in GTA Online.