GTA 5's multiple protagonists explained

Excited by the prospect of multiple protagonists in Grand Theft Auto V? Or just confused as to how they're going to work? Either way, you're in luck. While we learned some of the details from Game Informer last week, another preview by Guardian brings new info on Rockstar's three leading men and how you'll be switching between them.

But nope, still no mention of a PC version .

Whichever character you aren't playing will be controlled by the AI and will have their own life elsewhere in the city. Each lives in a different part of San Andreas, meaning that yes, the entire map is finally open from the start of the game. You can even call up the other protagonists and invite them over for a friendly game of tennis, much like Roman used to do to Nico when you were in the middle of being shot by angry Russian gangsters.

The constant swapping between protaganists will extend to missions as well. The article describes a mission where the trio attack a building by air. Ex-military psychopath Trevor pilots them to the location in a helicopter while young up and coming gangster Franklin lurks atop a building across the street, using a sniper rifle to cover ageing retired crook Michael, who rappels down through the skylight to kidnap their target.

The game is structured around five or six 'mega-heists' like this, each with smaller missions leading up to it. The idea is to offer the same kind of spectacle as 'Three Leaf Clover', GTA 4's memorable Heat Homage bank robbery, but faster and more frequently.

For more details, check out the full preview at the Guardian .