GTA 5 Redux graphics mod out now

You might’ve spotted Chris talking about the much-anticipated GTA 5 Redux graphics mod in his mod roundup yesterday. It’s out now and having spent the last 20 minutes or so messing around with it, I can confirm that it’s very good. 

Like really good, and while I could wax lyrical about the ways in which it enhances how just about everything looks in the single-player game, it’s probably easier to first show you the mod’s official launch trailer.

With more than 15 reshade options, Redux introduces real life advertising, including commercial vehicles and taxi ads. All of Los Santos’ roads have been retextured—a process which includes tweaks to how roads, curbs and barriers take damage—and all environmental particle effects are now active, meaning leaves fall from trees and bushes with much more consistency, paper and garbage blows from trucks at a higher rate and density, and water splash effects are manipulated for more realistic reactions.

If you skip to the 3.40 mark in the trailer above, the narrator explains how Euphoria physics enhance the reactions of NPCs. “Euphoria physics have been included for more realistic reactions when shooting AI and pedestrians now reach for objects as they are falling,” says the narrator. “Redux is more than a mirror visual upgrade: it’s a complete game overhaul, bringing San Andreas back to the player.”

Full information on GTA 5 Redux, including how to install, can be found over here.