GTA 5 ragdoll mod produces comedy gold

Gta 5 Ragdoll Mod

Grand Theft Auto 5's mods are producing some items of genuine comedy, and the one slightly below these words is no different. If anything, it's one of the funniest I've yet seen, and it's hard to really boil it down to why - apart from the fact people are falling over when they shouldn't be.

Spoiler and bad language warnings abound - as these are cutscenes from GTA 5 you might see something you don't want to if you're still playing through it, and my word these guys use a lot of foul language. With that in mind, here it is:

Using Ragdoll On Demand, which allows you to toggle instant ragdoll at the press of a key, Youtuber Tyrannicon put together the video. The rest is history - one-day history, at the time of writing, but history nonetheless.

Seriously, Michael trying to do yoga is one of the funniest things I've seen in years. Having said that, I don't get out much.

[via Reddit]