GTA 5 mod adds The Doomsday Heist's jetpack to single player

Last month, GTA Online introduced its three-part Doomsday Heist sequence with new objectives, rewards and toys to muck around with. Sam and Tom have since discussed the merits of flying cars, while the update also brought with it the Mammoth Thruster jetpack. 

The latter is now available in Grand Theft Auto 5's single player by way of jedijosh920's Jetpack SP mod

"The mission triggers at around 00:00," says jedijosh920 on the mod's GTA5-Mods page, "and if the weather is currently thunder storming and you are at Mount Chiliad." Ascertain this criteria and the Mammoth Thruster will automatically spawn in specific locations across Los Santos and beyond—such as Mount Chiliad and Fort Zancudo.

As the following footage shows, the jetpack's colour scheme, weapons and thrust capabilities can be customised as you see fit.

The mod's creator notes that the latest versions of ScriptHookV, ScriptHookVDotNet and NativeUI are required to run Jetpack SP, and also links to the following installation guide from YouTube person Swixtor:

Again, full information on jedijosh920's Jetpack SP mod can be found via its GTA5-Mods page

And while we're talking GTA, let me point you towards the PCG team's latest run in with Doomsday's water cannons. Follow that link to understand what's going on here:

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