GTA 4 iCEnhancer mod version 2.1 released, GTA games super cheap in Steam sale

The iCEnhancer has been beautifying GTA 4 for players for more than a year now. The mod uses custom shaders and post-processing effects to massively improve GTA 4's visuals. Images like the one above from Ducan Harris' Dead End Thrills demonstrate iCEnhancer's power. Eurogamer note that version 2.1 has now been released, which is great timing. You can grab a pack of every GTA game for just £4.99 / $12.49 as part of the Steam Summer Sale .

The mod is available to download now from the Icelaglace site . The Steam/EFLC/1070 version, installer and configuration tool will all be "available quickly" according to the site. You'll find the latest trailer below.

If you're looking for more GTA 4 mods, check out this one that lets you play as Superman , there are more that add first-person mode and a gravity gun . For maximum silliness there's always the one that renders all cars frictionless .

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