G.Skill builds a compact mechanical keyboard for gamers short on desk space

G.Skill is adding another mechanical keyboard to its growing lineup, this latest one a compact plank for anyone with limited desk space or wanting more room for a mouse pad.

It is the Ripjaws KM560 MX, a tenkeyless keyboard that sacrifices the dedicated number pad found on full-size planks such as G.Skill's KM570 series. Compared to those boards, the KM560 MX is 8cm (3.5 inches) shorter in length.

As with many mechanical keyboards, G.Skill went with Cherry MX switches for its latest model. G.Skill has historically been good about offering multiple mechanical switch options on its keyboards and the KM560 MX is no exception—it will be available with Cherry MX Red, Brown, and Blue switch options (check out our comprehensive guide on mechanical key switches to see what makes each one different).

While G.Skill is pitching the Ripjaws KM560 MX as a gaming plank, it does not have dedicated gaming keys or fancy features such as a built-in LCD. What it does have is an 32-bit ARM processor inside that allows for on-the-fly macro recording, with fully programmable keys.

Other features include N-key rollover and anti-ghosting technology, media controls built into the media keys, the ability to disable the Windows key, and a red LED backlight that can be turned on and adjusted, turned off, or set to a breathing effect.

Gamers in Asia can buy the Ripjaws KM560 MX today. It will roll out to other markets in the fourth quarter of this year.

Paul Lilly

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