Grow and sell weed with this Stardew Valley mod

Stardew Valley has an enormous variety of crops ranging from cranberries to kale to starfruit. But 'Smellyhippie_'s' Cannabis Mod adds six more—and I bet you could guess them just from their username alone. With decriminalization of marijuana becoming common across the States and Canada, it only makes sense that the citizens of Stardew Valley would want the freedom to smoke up as well. And, well, what kind of entrepreneur would you be if you weren't willing to meet that demand?

Smellyhippie_'s Cannabis Mod adds six crops to Stardew to plant and cultivate, 40 new items, and 37 crafting recipes all related to the production and consumption of marijuana. In addition to tobacco (for making proper blunts, of course), there are two strains each for both male and female variants of cannabis that can be cultivated. 

The only major downside to this mod is that there doesn't appear to be any side effects from getting high on your own supply. It's almost entirely focused on the cultivation and production rather than the consumption of marijuana products.

What I love, however, is how much effort and thought Smellyhippie_ put into accurately recreating the production of marijuana. New items like a resin sieve will separate the THC resin from the actual bud of the plant while a hash press can turn that resin into bricks of hash that you can sell. There's even recipes for joints with different mixtures of marijuana or, if you roll like that, spliffed with tobacco. It's an incredibly thorough mod for people who always wished they could turn their farm into a grow op.

And that's just the beginning. Smellyhippie_ says they are hard at work adding edibles of every imaginable type, including brownies, cookies, and hard candies. When they're ready, these new recipes will be available from the Queen of Sauce television show that airs on certain days in-game (which is just so hilarious for its own reasons).

To get started once you have the mod installed, all you'll need to do is befriend everyone's favorite fisherman, Willy. As you progress through the game, he'll send you more and more recipes to build and craft everything you need.

To download Smellyhippie_'s Cannabis Mod, head over to Nexus Mods.

Thanks to our "bud" Emanuel Mailberg for this incredible find.


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