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Grand Theft Auto IV mod takes Toy Story's Woody for a trip to the big city

Grand Theft Auto IV Woody mod
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The complicated process of installing GTA IV mods (opens in new tab) is a perilous, comical adventure in itself, but pulling it off can add some memorable gaming (opens in new tab) and movie (opens in new tab) characters to Liberty City's sprawl. With his doffed ten-gallon and permanent cheek-to-cheek grin, Toy Story's Woody (opens in new tab) is the latest newcomer to the city. See him dispense a little country hospitality with mega-shoves and hadoukens in this sample video.

Grab Woody for yourself right here (opens in new tab) , but note that if you want to run around Liberty City like the mecha-cowboy in the video, you'll need your Buzz Lightyear posse (opens in new tab) , a quick lesson on how to Fus Ro Dah (opens in new tab) , and the captured spirit of Street Fighter's Ryu (opens in new tab) . And for more, check out our roundup of the best GTA IV mods (opens in new tab) .

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