Grand Theft Auto IV mod brings Far Cry 3's Vaas into the concrete jungle

Grand Theft Auto IV Vaas mod

OK, who gave Vaas a plane ticket? The demented pirate lord from Far Cry 3 definitely fits right into the lawless streets of Grand Theft Auto IV's Liberty City with rocket launcher in hand and that unhinged smirk on his face, but who would ever think it was a good idea to unleash that psycho on the mainland? Well, modder wapeddell did , actually. And it looks like fun.

Like other custom models of a more critter-like nature , this Vaas mod completely reskins Niko Bellic with a high-quality, bump-mapped texture. This means a heavier hardware load if you're also using graphics overhaul mods or custom cars, but this also means you'll see the most detail you can get out of the game's engine.

Want to see more? The video above shows a particularly shiny Vaas doing what he does best after nonchalantly checking his phone. Grab the mod here , and if you miss the interactions between the mohawked madman and his favorite punching bag, there's also a Jason Brody model by the same author.

Thanks, PCGamesN .

Omri Petitte

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