Grab an MSI Z270 motherboard, headset, and For Honor for £160

As well as a new generation of processor in Kaby Lake, Intel has also recently put out a new motherboard chipset in Z270. Although not a major leap forward, Z270 motherboards do add extra PCIe lanes over Z170, and the introduction of support for Intel Optane memory, which improves speed and performance of non-volatile memory without compromising for storage space.

One of the best deals on a Z270 motherboard today comes in the form of the MSI Z270 Gaming Pro Carbon. Novatech and eBuyer share the lowest price, and they both give you a free SteelSeries Siberia v2 gaming headset in the bundle. However Novatech also offers £20 cashback, and a free copy of For Honor into the mix, making the deal that much sweeter. Check the deal out here for £159.95 (before cashback).

That price of £159.95 is already the cheapest price on the Internet for this particular motherboard, so once you add in all the extras, it's an even bigger saving on what is one of the best mid-range MSI motherboards in its range.  

Combine a Z270 motherboard with a Kaby Lake processor and one of Nvidia's new graphics cards from last year, and you'll have some serious power in your PC for your gaming.

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