Grab a refurbished Linksys AC1900 router and USB Wi-Fi adapter for $75

If you need a new router and don't mind taking a chance on a refurbished model, Daily Steals has a really good deal on the Linksys EA7500 Max-Stream AC1900. It's marked down to just $75 and comes with a free Wi-Fi adapter to boot.

We try not to post refurbished deals too often, the exception being ones that are too good to pass up. Some people will find that to be the case here. At just $75, the marked down EA7500 is considerably cheaper than buying new—Amazon, Newegg, and Best Buy each have it listed for around $155.

In this case, Daily Steals says the EA7500 is factory refurbished by Linksys and in "like new" condition with no signs of wear. All original accessories are included, and the router is backed by a 90-day warranty.

Moving on, the EA7500 is a dual-band router offering speeds of up to 600Mbps on the 2.4GHz band and up to 1,300Mbps on the 5GHz band. Like just about every router on the market, it has four LAN ports for wired connections. On the back are two USB ports (3.0 and 2.0) for connecting external storage devices and printers.

There are three external antennas on this model that Linksys says are capable of covering a medium size house. It also features MU-MIMO support for communicating with multiple MU-MIMO enabled devices simultaneously.

The included micro-USB Wi-Fi adapter is the Linksys WUSB6100M Max-Stream AC600. It doesn't support the full speed of the router, topping out at up to 433Mbps. However, it does support Windows 10, which is not always a given when it comes to Wi-Fi adapters.

You can take advantage of the deal here.

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