Gothic Remake development is full speed ahead at new Barcelona studio

Gothic remake
(Image credit: THQ Nordic)

In 2019 THQ Nordic released a surprise demo for a remake of Gothic, the cult 2000 RPG by Piranha Bytes. The demo was designed to check whether there’s any appetite for a Gothic remake, which apparently there is, because the publisher has announced it has formed a new Barcelona-based studio to develop it.

Even by 2000 standards Gothic wasn’t exactly a looker, but it boasted a rich choice and consequence driven narrative that overshadowed some of its shortcomings. It’s complexity is still impressive by modern standards, though like other Piranha Bytes games it can be an intimidatingly open-ended experience at first. Still, it’s a game that rewards patience and curiosity, hence the enthusiasm for a remake.

The remake was actually confirmed in February last year, two months after the playable demo was issued. Alkimia Interactive was set up in 2020 to work on the project and currently employs “more than 35 highly talented developers” in Barcelona, according to a statement from THQ Nordic. The studio is currently recruiting for at least 16 development roles, ranging level designer through to tester.

The announcement also promises that development is already full speed ahead and that more about the game will be revealed in “the next couple of months.” Back in February when the project was greenlit, THQ Nordic said it wanted development to be “a transparent and open production with the community.”

It’s exciting news, not least because Piranha Bytes has made some great double-A RPGs, like Risen and Elex—it’ll be nice to see its first game given a modern spit and polish. It’s looking good, too: check out the demo vs. original gameplay vid below: 

Shaun Prescott

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