Gorn, the VR game about beating the crap out of gladiators, has left Early Access

(Image credit: Free Lives / Devolver)

When I put on a VR headset I'm after a serene experience, like soaring through ancient cities as an eagle, or exploring quaint fantasy worlds as a mouse. But if you'd prefer to brutally murder people in visceral gladiatorial combat, well, obviously there's a game for that. it's called Gorn, and it's reportedly very good if that's your thing.

Developed by Broforce studio Free Lives, the game launched into Early Access in 2017. At the time it promised that "the only limits to the carnage are your imagination and decency", and based on the footage I've seen I don't think that promise has changed since. As of today, it's leaving Early Access and is a feature complete game.

The official launch brings with it a number of additions, such as big boss Alimta and a new weapon in the form of a hand cannon. It also now boasts SteamVR 2.0 input and Index Knuckle Support (for obvious reasons). And there are new giant enemies too, as well as bonus objectives for each "trial" and a whole host of bug fixes and performance improvements.

That's not the end of support for Gorn, though. "Once the launch dust settles, we’re going to be taking a short break to recover and flex our creative muscles," the studio wrote on Steam. "Though we are exiting Early Access, this won’t be the end for GORN. Our first priority will be to get the game to as many platforms as possible, and we already have plans for a small post-launch update."

Here's the launch trailer:

Shaun Prescott

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