Gone Home to support fan translations

Gone Home will arrive, weary and traveled, on our doorsteps on August 15 We've played some of this first-person, non-combat exploration game from a team of former BioShock 2 developers, and trust us when we say you should get excited about nosing about in some family's drawers.

Oh, and you'll be able to play it in Klingon! Well, probably. Developer Fullbright Company has announced that Gone Home will support fan-made translations, so it's really only a matter of time.

Johnnemann Nordhagen, one of the developers at Fullbright Company, has blogged about the team's desire to get Samantha Greenbriar's story of ghosts, mix-tapes, and hair dye-jobs gone wrong out there onto the internet. Most of that story is conveyed through notes and clues scattered throughout the eerily empty Greenbriar home, so language is understandably important. "However, we're a tiny, four-person team," says Nordhagen of the localization possibilities. "We don't have a lot of resources, and I blew my opportunities and took Latin as my language in school, so there's limited translation we can do in-house."

The answer? Fullbright has chosen to make translation as easy as possible for players to accomplish themselves, with all of the text content easily accessible. If you're one of those who actually retained any French or German from your high-school classes, you can check out the grittier details of the translation process on the Fullbright blog . I fully expect one of you to upload a Dothraki or Standard Galactic Alphabet version of Gone Home within a couple of weeks of the game's release.