GoldenEye Source mod teases new maps, music, weapon effects

Founded in 2005, GoldenEye Source is a Half-Life 2 mod and international hobbyist project that aims to reimagine Rare and Nintendo's 1997 FPS GoldenEye 007 on modern hardware. Its most recent update, 5.0, landed last year and was easily its most thorough and sophisticated instalment—bringing with it a number of new maps, game modes, and mechanics which Evan discussed in detail in his review

Update 5.1 is now on the horizon, and the mod's team has now teased some of what we can expect. 

Two new maps mark the most significant changes by way of the Citadel and Temple. The former, so says the mod's team, was a test level found on the original game's ROM by using a GameShark on the GoldenEye N64 cartridge. While community versions of this map have existed before now, this is the first time it'll feature officially. The latter, on the other hand, is a re-envisioning of the classic map of the same name that's yet to feature in the GE Source mod. 

Composed by Tweaklab, both maps have new soundtracks—Citadel's can be found over here, while you can check out Temple's below.

Update 5.1 also targets the way weapons "feel and act" in-game, thus a number of new sound effects have been applied to pistols, rifles, mines, shotguns, rockets and more—whereby distant pickup, ammo and reload sounds have been added to their existing sound catalogues. 

"Building on our adjustment of their ammunition types, the Gold and Silver PP7s now have distinct firing sounds to help distinguish them both from each-other and the standard issue PP7," says an update post on the mod's ModDB page. "The soundscape of the game is now more satisfying and delivers much better audible feedback on what is happening."

The GoldenEye Source team hasn't provided launch details for its 5.1 update as yet, however you might like to check out our in-depth interview with the team in the meantime.