GOG's Most Wanted Sale hits over 150 games with up to 85 percent off

It's sales galore on this dark and dreary Monday (I write this post from Glasgow. If it's sunny in your corner of the world, please keep it to yourself in order to spare my feelings)—first we had Fanatical's Super 6 Sale, and now we have GOG's Most Wanted Sale. As outlined in headline above, the latter hits over 150 games and offers up to 85 percent off.    

Which is a lot of deals. So as not to overwhelm, the sale's landing page comes equipped with genre-dividing tabs, as well as a 'Don't Miss' bracket. I'd suggest starting with that for a general overview of what's on offer—but I'll also point you at Vampire: The Masquerade—Bloodlines at £3.59/$4.99 with 75 percent off. 

I'll also highlight Hotline Miami 2 at just £2.99/$4.19 with 75 percent off. And I'll also suggest checking out Darkest Dungeon at £7.59/$10.69 with 60 percent off if you haven't already. 

There are a number of other great games I could steer you towards here, but, instead of me rabbiting on, I'd like to hear from you fine folks in the comments. Please share your own favourites below, new and old, with a reason or two on why your choice is worth someone else's money. 

Check out GOG's Most Wanted Sale in full over here. It's live from now through April 23 at 3pm PST/11pm BST.