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GOG has resurrected John Woo's Stranglehold

Apparently the world has been deprived of Stranglehold, the 2007 action game co-created by John Woo, for years, but no more! GOG's on the case, along with new publisher Warner Bros. Interactive, and it's managed to bring the acrobatic Inspector Tequila back onto PC. Give yourself a refresher by watching the trailer. 

It's still really strange that the sequel to John Woo's Hard Boiled is a videogame that came 15 years later. It didn't get nearly as big a following as its cinematic predecessor, but it was a solid action romp with some very flashy gun fights and lots of leaping around as cover got demolished. Sometimes doves appeared. It was all very dramatic. 

Max Payne 2 had come out a few years earlier, and while Stranglehold looked a lot better, in most other areas it was the game's inferior, but it definitely scratched an itch. I doubt it's going to spark much nostalgia, but it's good news for digital game preservation. 

It's out now on GOG for £8.09/$9.99. 

Fraser Brown
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