GOG has a halloween sale too - save on The Witcher 3, Stasis, Amnesia

The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt Hearts of Stone A witcher shall soon be buried The skies weep

It's Halloween digital game store sale day I guess, so here's one more, from GOG.com. Their Halloween Monster Hunt (opens in new tab) discounts loadsa vaguely spooky games over the course of five days, from now until Monday November 2. Today's offerings include The Witcher 3 for a bit less, plus moderately whopping savings on Stasis, Deadly Premonition, the Amnesias, both Alan Wakes and more.

£35.09 seems like a lot for The Witcher 3, particularly when I just picked it up on PS4 for £10 less from Amazon, but if you've not played Amnesia, the bonkers Deadly Premonition, and the well-regarded The Last Door and The Cat Lady, you can now pick them up for the price of a bag of seasonal sweets.

Tom Sykes

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