GOG has a halloween sale too - save on The Witcher 3, Stasis, Amnesia

The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt Hearts of Stone A witcher shall soon be buried The skies weep

It's Halloween digital game store sale day I guess, so here's one more, from GOG.com. Their Halloween Monster Hunt discounts loadsa vaguely spooky games over the course of five days, from now until Monday November 2. Today's offerings include The Witcher 3 for a bit less, plus moderately whopping savings on Stasis, Deadly Premonition, the Amnesias, both Alan Wakes and more.

£35.09 seems like a lot for The Witcher 3, particularly when I just picked it up on PS4 for £10 less from Amazon, but if you've not played Amnesia, the bonkers Deadly Premonition, and the well-regarded The Last Door and The Cat Lady, you can now pick them up for the price of a bag of seasonal sweets.

Tom Sykes

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