GOG.com relaunches, is swamped by demand

GOG repentant

So it turns out that GoG.com wasn't dead, it was just sleeping. The new version of the site launched earlier today. As ill advised as their PR stunt seemed, it looks as though playing possum has paid off, as demand has been so high that they're having to set up new servers to cope with the influx of new customers.

Not long ago the company's official twitter feed, @GoGcom, announced: "We're having 20 times the biggest traffic ever and even the augmented number of servers couldn't support it. We're adding more of them."

The new site adds a suite of additional community features, including custom playlists that members can use to recommend games to each other. The game browser has been revamped as well, so now users can search for games by genre, or by member ratings. The site redesign coincides with the release on the service of Bioware's RPG classic, Baldur's Gate.

Good Old Games released a video earlier apologising for the way they deceived customers and denied users access to games they had purchased from the store. The video has been posted below. Yes, they are dressed as monks.

We'll have an interview with GOG's founders on the site shortly discussing GOG's past, their future and their ongoing battle with piracy.

Tom Senior

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