GODUS prototype video released as the Kickstarter reaches its final days

I'm thinking about becoming a Kickstarter anthropologist. The life-cycle of campaigns is kind of fascinating, especially for projects that aren't a runaway success. Will the story of Project GODUS , for instance, be of the triumph of the enthusiastic yet controversial Peter Molyneux, or will it end up a warning about the danger of breeding cynicism in the community by over-promising cheques that your programmers can't cash.

Whichever way it falls, it's going to be close. There are three days left and the game will need to raise just over £85,000 to be funded. Naturally, GODUS is now in full on attention seeking mode, and has released a Prototype video showing how it's progressing. And this time it's not just a brief glimpse of a laptop being filmed.

The teaser, keen to stress that it's early test footage, shows follower colonisation, land terraforming and some tribal fisticuffs. After just two weeks of development there's a definite Populous vibe to it, even if we don't see any of the godly powers you could be wielding.

If that hasn't persuaded you to fund the project, the 22 Cans team are also giving all backers a special totem for their Homeworld, as well as the option to get their face on the Curiosity cube for thousands of mobile users to deface.

Phil Savage

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