Godus designer is no longer with 22 Cans

A couple of weeks ago, a message went up on the Godus forums alleging that designer Konrad Naszynski had been let go from 22 Cans—a few months ago, actually—and that work on the game had stalled. No official word about his departure had come out of the studio, but his forum profile listed him as “former” staff, giving weight to the rumor. And now CEO Simon Phillips has confirmed with Eurogamer that Naszynski is indeed out, although he said that work on the game continues. 

"Konrad was actually a contractor and was tasked with building the levels on Godus Wars," Phillips said. "He completed these for the last update so his contract ran down. Of course, as and when we need more content we'll talk to Konrad as he knows the process well." 

He didn't specify what sort of new content might be forthcoming, but he did flat-out deny that development had stopped. “Godus is an ongoing project, on both PC and mobile," he said. "There's lots of areas to support on the project, as you can imagine. We have a bit of a rhythm in moving from PC to mobile and so on."

Unfortunately, Godus Wars, which Godus transitioned into early this year, hasn't been updated since mid-March, and despite being in early access for almost three years, Phillips said there's “not a fixed time frame right now” for a full release.

Andy Chalk

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