God of War patch lets you opt out of mouse acceleration

God of War Valkyries
(Image credit: Santa Monica Studios)

Norse myth parental responsibility management sim God of War launched on PC last month after ending its period of console exclusivity. Like a lot of console ports, if you played with mouse-and-keyboard you might have noticed negative mouse acceleration—not an issue for all players, but a hair-tearing frustration for players who want a one-to-one correlation between mouse movement and aim.

The latest patch, which brings it up to version 1.05, adds an option in the camera settings menu to switch between two mouse modes: classic and precision. As the patch notes explain, "This new mode works by ignoring the default mouse-to-camera conversion implementation. Additional sensitivity fine-tuning can be done by tweaking values in the settings.ini file in the game installation folder. This mode should NOT be used in conjunction with Aim Assist."

Most players have praised the new addition for its responsiveness, though some are experiencing an animation bug when moving left and right that makes Kratos awkwardly flick between positions. Here's a video demonstrating the bug. Going back to classic mouse mode eliminates it, though obviously that's not ideal if you're a mouse-and-keyboard purist.

The patch notes also mention that performance issues related to AMD cards are being worked on, and "while we do not have a timeline, we want to communicate that we have identified the primary cause leading to AMD performance problems and are now investigating solutions to resolve this issue."

Jody Macgregor
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