The Glorious Model O is going wireless and will somehow weigh just 69 grams

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If it is an ultra-lightweight mouse with RGB lighting you're after, it does not get any lighter than the Glorious Model O (67 grams) for medium to large size hands, and Model O- (59 grams) for small to medium hands. And if it is a wireless variant you're after, good news—Glorious is answering the call with the Model O Wireless.

The Model O Wireless is exactly as it sounds, that being a wireless version of the regular Model O, at least in look and feel. It's not quite as light at 69 grams, but still incredibly nimble for a gaming mouse. It's even lighter than Razer's Viper Ultimate, which checks in at 74 grams.

While it looks the same as the Model O, the guts are a little different in the wireless version. Glorious tells us it will feature an all-new proprietary BAMF sensor, and has now come through with the full details about its specs.

The wired Model O uses a Pixart 3360 sensor with a 12,000 DPI, while the new wireless version is coming to the table with a max DPI of some 19,000 and a tracking speed of 400 IPS.

Cut the cord...

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Glorious is also boasting a click latency of just 2.08ms, which it claims is the lowest latency of any top-tier gaming mouse, based on numbers run by its internal team (the company says the numbers might vary a little with individualized testing). Thankfully we've got some nifty new testing equipment from Nvidia to test that claim.

According to Glorious, the Model O Wireless will deliver 71 hours of battery life, if disabling the RGB lighting. That's also slightly better than the Viper Ultimate, which is rated for 70 hours of battery life.

Glorious will begin accepting reservations for the Model O Wireless on September 23. No release date has been announced, but the company tells us it will retail for $80.

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