Giveaway: You got Duke Nukem in my Heroes of Newerth


I love peanut butter cups. Today, Heroes of Newerth is my chocolate and Jon St. John doing the voice of Duke Nukem is my peanut butter--and the product of their pairing is delicious. The newest announcer pack for HoN (which changes all of the audio elements of the game, like "first kill") features the Duke himself saying new lines that make your victories feel incredibly badass and your defeats even more humiliating. As the patron saint of PC Gamer, Duke's given us five copies that we can give away to you! Read on to find out how to enter.

Current HoN players can purchase the pack, which includes 28 new lines and a few old favorites redone by Jon St. John, for 980 Goblin Coins (around $20) in the Goblin shop.

But we like you. Not in that "lets go to a movie and a dinner" way, but enough to give you a lift to your yoga classes. As such, we want to give you a copy of the new voice pack for nothin'. Well, almost nothing. All you have to do is tell us in the comments, who you would like to see as the new voice for a HoN announcer pack. It can be anyone or anything. We will pick 5 lucky winners on Wednesday, and email them for their HoN username (which we'll use to unlock the voice pack directly).